The Cache Valley Volunteer Center was created to provide service opportunities for individuals, groups and agencies in our community and is a tool to help those who want to share volunteer opportunities.


To promote volunteerism in Cache Valley as a means of fostering increased citizen involvement in the community and enabling public and private non-profit agencies to enhance or maintain human services.


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Why Serve Hub

Why Serve Hub added an event.

Retirement Plan B Workshop

Retirement Plan B Workshop

This workshop is for anyone in their mid-30's, 40's or even 50's who are not sure whether or not they are on track for reitrement. We will be showing you some 'Plan B' options to help you get on track in a way that is FUN, REWARDING and EFFECTIVE!!

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Here's something you'll want to check out!!

Timeline Photos

May 12th 4:38am • No Comments

POWERFUL!!! Please take time to listen . . .it's under 3 minutes, but it's extremely important! What would you put on your 'To Be' list?

The Huffington Post

Jay Shetty urges us to redefine happiness.

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For the past two years we have had the privilege of being part of the 40 Days of Service sponsored by the organization Service For Peace . . . . Service For Peace funded our Martin Luther King Jr Day Community Fair. With the grant that we received we were able to provide our community with a free reading literacy, health literacy, financial literacy, emergency preparedness and fashion literacy workshops and booths for all ages.

Service For Peace is dedicated to bringing peace to communities through volunteerism.


October 2015 Volunteer of the Month

Becky Yeager

Cache Valley Wildlife Association




Becky is an amazing person with a strong work ethic. Not only does she own and manage the Spirit Goat store in Logan, she also takes care of her family, helps her Church on projects, and volunteers to help the City Parks programs. However, I am nominating her because of her commitment to ensure the survival of Western Monarch butterflies for future generations. Their numbers are decreasing at alarming rates. Becky raises Monarchs on milkweed in her home garden, then marks them with a Utah color code pattern for researchers to observe in California and Mexico. She marked 60 at her own home, then drove to Salt Lake City on two different occasions to mark another 750 Monarchs for release. Now, for the first time, 810 Monarchs will have the Utah code on their wings so we can determine where they overwinter, and learn their migration routes so we can encourage safe-haven gardens along their 1,000 mile journey.

Becky, you’re great…and the Monarchs, and people who love them, are lucky to have you around.

September 2015 Volunteer of the Month

Wendy Simmons




Wendy has been a long time volunteer with Nami Mental Health as well as with many other organizations and volunteering opportunities. She has been involved with Nami for many years in a variety of roles:

  • President
  • Community Advocate
  • Worked in the Office
  • Crisis for 6 years
  • 2 24 hour shifts a month
  • Getting people to shelters and women with children
  • Nami Board for 15 years

Wendy has also served in the following roles:

  • Bear River Mental Health Board for 8 years
  • Suicide Prevention Coalition
  • Interagency Council
  • Cosmetology
  • Providence Planning Commission
  • Family Life Merit Badge Counselor for units in Boy Scouts

THANK YOU for all of your hard work, Wendy!!

August 2015 Volunteer of the Month

Megan Harris

Four Paws Rescue


Megan Harris

Megan Harris started volunteering with Four Paws Rescue in 2013 as the non-profit bookkeeper. She had always been interested in volunteering in some way for homeless pets, but with having four dogs of her own, fostering a dog wasn’t the best route for her. One day she saw on Facebook an advertisement for someone to help with the bookkeeping/financials. Megan already was well versed in QuickBooks from her day job, so this was the perfect opportunity for her to volunteer for the pets. We are very glad she found our ad!

Megan has also volunteered at the summer Caffé Ibis Booth at the Cache Valley Gardeners’ Market in 2014 where she helped serve beverages and promote Four Paws Rescue to market clientele.

Megan has a soft spot for animals who do not have a home of their own. She would like to do anything she can to help pets find forever homes. She is currently enrolled in an Animal Behaviorist, Nutritionist and Shelter Rehabilitation program so she can help pets. She would love to help shelter dogs learn good behaviors so they can be welcomed and well-behaved members of their new family.

When Megan isn’t working, volunteering or going to school, she loves to camp, hike, and play in the yard with her husband and four rescued dogs.



May 2015 Volunteer of the Month

Carol Steffanhagen

Terrace Grove Assisted Living



Carols mother resided here at Terrace Grove Assisred Living for 4 years until she passed away in the Spring of 2014. During the time Carol’s mother was living here, Carol visited everyday and had a chance to see the activities we were involved in here at our facility and the difference made in the lives of those we serve here at T.G. Carol would involve herself during this time to help keep her mother motivated. After the death of her mother, Carol officially registered to volunteer in March of 2014. Carol has faithfully volunteered 2-3 times every week, involving herself with our Bingo, Crafts, Cooking Classes, Bus Rides and anything else I have needed her to do. Carol has also come in to help serve hot meals to our residents when our elevator broke and we have three levels to serve meals on, this really was above and beyond a volunteer service! She is alsways cheerful, happy and lifts the spirits of all she comes in contact with. Our residents love it when Carol comes to volunteer and she had been a great support to our non-profit volunteer services, I don’t know what we would do without her! To date, Carol has volunteered a total of 426 hours since she registered in 2014, an amazing amount of time unselfishly given with love and happiness!


March 2015 Volunteer of the Month

Lori Pulotu

Sunshine Terrace



Lori is one of our best volunteers who comes on a monthly basis to perform for our residents. She performs professionally as well, but for over two years now, she has come each month to sing for our residents for free. The residents really look forward to her coming and she is always consistent. We never have to remind her and she always shows up ready and happy to interact with the residents. She is always willing to stay afterward and talk with them and is very personable. I feel she is a true example of selfless service.



February 2015 Volunteer of the Month

Jared Mercer

Options For Independence




We heard about a lady that needed help on her neighborhood non profit house and mentioned it to Jared. He has gone back numerous times taking groups of people to go help and has made a big difference for her and her family


January 2015 Volunteer of the Month

Dylan Ostermiller

Options For Independence



For exceptional service to our consumers. Dylan volunteers for our youth activites for people with disabilities. He treats our participants as peers and is respectful in every way. He volunteers 10 hours a month even with his busy school schedule.

November 2014 Volunteer of the Month

Shannon Syrstad

Four Paws Rescue



Shannon has been involved with several 2013 fundraising activities – such as Run to Rescue 5k Trail Run/Walk, Musical Paws Benefit Concert, Doggie Olympics, Maggie’s surgery fund, generator donation request, online Pampered Chef fundraiser, the Moondog Ball and USU Zombie for Charity. As you can see, in addition to Shannon’s full time job, she is very busy. These fundraising activities have brought in over $27,000 to date!




October 2014 Volunteer of the Month

Dorcus Kleinschuster

Four Paws Rescue



VOM October


In honor of September 11, 2014

Zions Bank employees volunteer with Common Ground for the
United Way Day of Caring 2014 held on September 11, 2014.
THANK YOU for getting involved, Zions Bank!

911 2014 2
911 2014 4
911 2014 3
911 2014 2


September 2014 Volunteer of the Month:

Lori Staples


When Lorie Staples started volunteering in May 2010, she was responsible for making sure the cat room at PetSmart was clean and the kitties had fresh water and food. She also got to play and snuggle with the kitties to provide social interaction.

Lorie wanted to volunteer because she believes in the Four Paws Mission to help find homes for animals. She wanted to do her part to bring some affection to cats available for adoption. Lorie has one cat, Zoie, who is queen of the house. She would love to foster/adopt another kitty, but Zoie highly prefers the humans all to herself. Lorie says by volunteering it’s like she has several other pets to call her own. She just doesn’t bring them home with her!

Lorie also wanted to volunteer because her employer at the time would donate $1,000 to the organization where 40 hours of volunteer time was completed. She was eligible for this award yearly, and was able to receive this award TWICE which really helped Four Paws Rescue. She really likes the fact that Four Paws is a no kill shelter. She feels Four Paws isn’t as well known as other organizations which means they may not have near the donations that higher profile agencies bring in. Being able to get the $1,000 donation twice for Four Paws meant a lot to her and Four Paws greatly appreciates this!

Lorie has steadily held a weekly evening shift for 4 whole years! She also is a regular donor to the yard sale fundraiser, and she has also helped out at a Pet Run a few years back. The pet run was great because she was able to meet some of the dogs that Four Paws has helped find homes for.

What has kept Lorie volunteering for 4 years? She keeps volunteering because Four Paws “is a really great organization and [she] truly enjoys spending time with the cats every week.” There have been a few kitties that caught her eye and her heart. They almost went home with her, but she knew she would have to endure the wrath of Zoie.

Lorie currently works at Utah State University as a Staff Assistant for the Plants, Soils, & Climate department and the Applied Economics department. She loves working both departments because she has been able to meet so many people and have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of two departments.

Lorie has been married for 6 years and lives with Zoie the cat, who is 8 years old. Zoie is quite the character, and has put a lot of time and effort into training her humans well. She and her husband would like to eventually adopt a puppy but she needs to acquire a yard first. She has a real affinity for Boxers. They are just such cute dogs!

Thank you Lorie for your years of volunteering and the two amazing grant awards!


August 2014 Volunteer of the Month:

Rita Hofmeister



Rita Hofmeister

Rita is a hardworking, loyal, caring and compassionate volunteer that has put in countless hours over the past year as a senior companion to a number of local seniors seeking services through BRAG’s Senior Companion program. She shows she cares by being sensitive to people’s needs and serving in any capacity that is required of her. She lends a listening ear, a helping hand and a giving heart to those needing a friend to talk to, a ride to the grocery store, doctor appointment, or pharmacy; or maybe a companion for an outing to church or a lunch date.

Rita shares her flower starts, garden produce, knitting knowledge and even a hat, a pair of socks or even a sweater she has knitted with many a friend, neighbor or Senior Companion. She smiles with happiness when the neighbor children call her grandma, when a companion she visits with remembers and shares with her something they used to do long ago or starts talking when they haven’t been very vocal for awhile.

To Rita, volunteering has become almost a full tie job. She visits clients two to three times a day almost five days a week. She thinks more people should involved with volunteering in our community if they are capable; instead of staying at home doing nothing. She should know, she’s 80 years old herself and is still busy making a difference every day to those she comes in contact with. I just love her positive attitude and can-do spirit. That is why I would like to nominate her as the Cache Valley Volunteer Center’s Volunteer of the Month.

Nominated by:
Sandy Shaw, Cache Valley Volunteer Center staff
Serves at:
Senior Companion Program




During the short time that Bailey has been volunteering at the Cache Humane Society she has become a valuable member of our team. Bailey volunteers in our clinic, and as such deals with the animals medical needs, rather than taking dogs for walks, or playing with the cats. Bailey helps in keeping the clinic clean and sanitized, she is a self starter and never complains. No matter the task that she is asked to accomplish, she works hard and completes these tasks in a very timely and thorough manner. It is with great pleasure that I nominate Baily for Volunteer of the Month.

Nominated by:
Roland Bringhurst
Executive Director
Cache Humane Society


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